Hungry traveller : Lisbon and its food #1

After having big heavy meals and litres of beers during Christmas in the cold Germany, we decided to fly off to one of the best and beautiful cities in Europe, Lisbon. 

Arrived at night, drove by the downtown of Lisbon, I couldn’t wait to see the city on the next day. Not knowing that not only the city itself that is so amazing, but also its food.

First day in Lisbon, we went to a seafood restaurant in Algés. A starter was served and I was already way too excited. Crab meat made into a (bit) creamy sauce to spoon onto bread. Oh! And the bread was not less delicious.


Followed by other starters : these weird  knuckle-shaped black things, Goose barnacles.
I literally didn’t think that they would taste so good. Juicy, sweet, and salty with freshness from the sea. Literally what I have been longed for!
The stir-fried clams in olive oil, garlic, and parsley was soooooo delicious. Well cooked, still very juicy, put a bit of lemon, just simply perfect!



We ordered only one main dish, as we ordered few starters already. It was a boiled Portuguese brown crab.  An enormous crab in a huge plate (came with plastic hammers, for cracking the legs). Shell filled with the crab meat sauce, which was very similar to the starter one (perhaps it’s the same one haha). The meat itself was perfectly boiled. I paired it with Piri-Piri sauce and butter toasted bread. The taste was just amazing!


After we finished the meal, I promised to myself, I will eat as much seafood as I can in Portugal. Let’s see if I kept the promise.



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