Hungry traveller : Lisbon and its food #2

After being in Lisbon for a few days, we noticed that there are bakeries in every corner of the city. They provide a huge variation of stuff, from sweetened chick pea pie to cod fish cake (soooo yummy).

One of the best things, for those who loves cheese (which is not me), to have in those bakeries for breakfast is this Portuguese ham and melted cheese toast. Buttery toasted (until the outer part is crispy) bread sandwich with a good slice of ham and perfectly melted cheese. What a great way to start the day! said my man.


We ordered many things, both savoury and sweet, to share, as we wanted to try this and that and those. We surely would have ordered more if we could finish everything hahaha.


My favourite breakfast, which is also my super favourite Portuguese appetiser, is Rissole.
It’s an enclosed half moon – shape breaded pastry filled with some kind of white sauce and minced shrimp. The first time I tried, I think I was crying. lol Too good to be true!


Talking about pastries, I cannot forget to talk about Pastel de Nata aka egg tart. This is one of the most amazing desserts invented! The first time I tried this was in Macau. Honestly, when I heard that it’s originally from Portugal, I was so excited and couldn’t stop telling myself that I have to try this here, in Portugal, in Lisbon!
We actually wanted to try it at Pastéis de Belém, where Nata was originated. But the queue was wayyyyy too long, and we didn’t want to lose our hours in the beautiful city, so we decided we will come back next time.


We then tried it from a Nata truck instead. We were told that people there like to have their Natas with cinnamon powder, so we ordered one with it. And oooooh! it was pretty impressive. Crispy on the pie part, and very soft and egg-y on the filling part.

But next year, we’ll surely come back to have the very original one!!



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