Hungry traveller : Lisbon and its food #3

The more days we spent in Lisbon, the more we are in love with the city. Great weather (best I ever experienced in Europe in winter), breath-taking buildings and houses, friendly people, and of course, amazing food.

We decided to walk to São Jorge Castle, a castle on the top of the highest hill in Lisbon , overlooking the city and Tagus River. Getting to the castle up the small roads was a nice experience of itself. Along the way there were old nice houses in different colours, some were even with tiles!



After walking for a while, I got hungry (as always) so we started to look for a place to have lunch. Many small local restaurants and food shops on the way. It was not easy to decide, but finally, we went into a small restaurant which was operated by 2 sweet aunties.

They offered dish of the day which was literally called fish and egg with rice and salad (no, we can’t read Portuguese, but we were there with our Portuguese friend, and he translated haha) So we ordered that, and 2 other dishes. Before having the main dishes, we had some bread with young cheese, which is very commonly served here in Lisbon.

Our friend suggested that this is a very easy local dish. And yes it was simply (very) tasty.
I was told that the key of the dish is they soaked a fillet of sea bass in milk and lemon for a while before coating it with egg and put in a pan to fry. Mhhhh I’ll surely must try to cook that.


Another fish dish, grilled Grouper with boiled broccoli. One thing I like about Portuguese cuisine is that they don’t overcook vegetable, the broccoli was well cooked and still crisp. The fish itself was so fresh and firm, seasoned only with salt. The dish was quite massive, even a hungry girl like me was struggling to finish it. Oh, but in the end, of course, not even a small piece of broccoli was left on the plate haha.


Having ordered 2 dishes of fish, last dish we ordered was grilled pork ribs served with chips and refreshing salad. Looked very simple, but the taste was more than perfect. A bit salty, perfectly grilled that the meat was still juicy. Heavenly good! By the way, that was not mine, but I did steal some bites from our friend haha.


In the end we paid not even 12 Euros each for bread starter, 3 main dishes, a cup of dessert, some water and espresso, and a jar of Sangria.

I was so impressed how nice and inexpensive local food can be.




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