Hungry traveller : Cascais

After seeing beautiful sunset at the westernmost point of Europe, Cabo da Roca or Cape Roca, we went to Cascais to have dinner.


Cascais is a small coastal town, 30 minutes away form Lisbon. As it’s a touristic town, there were an enormous choices of restaurants. But we again, went in to a smaller restaurant which looked very local.

We were already quite (so) hungry, as we had some beers in an Irish pub before. We directly asked for their recommendations and ordered.

Muscles in olive oil with garlic and coriander as our starter. Well could smell the garlic and coriander before the dish even arrived at the table. An easy-looking clay bowl full of black shell muscles, only put some drops of lemon and it was already perfect.


My man chose to be away from seafood for his main dish, instead, he ordered homemade lasagna. A well baked lasagna with ground beef and great quality cheese, with not too much tomato sauce, hotly served in (also) a clay pot. The only comment he gave was It was a very so  yummy Lasagna.


And of course, my Chocos (Portuguese for cuttlefish), that I had been wanting to try for days. Grilled cuttlefish in olive oil and coriander served with boiled potatoes. Once again, the cuttlefish was very well grilled. I really could still feel the freshness of the sea! But I was quite surprised with the portion, much smaller than I thought. Or I might be too hungry lol.


After finishing our main dishes, the owner came to ask if we’d like some dessert. My husband ordered his favourite Portuguese chocolate mousse, with a shot of brandy. Home made mousse, sweet and soft, neither to heavy nor too air-y. And with the hotness of the brandy, it was just a perfect combination.


While my husband was enjoying his mousse, my dessert was a hot plate of shrimps! hahaha. Even the owner was so surprised when I said for dessertI would like to have the shrimp dish you recommended please.


The shrimps were terribly good! It did remind me a bit of my grandma’s baked shrimp with salt. Juicy shrimps in garlic and coriander olive oil. Though the sauce itself had a great smell and taste of shrimp’s head, it was not fishy at all. I paired it with home made easy Piri-Piri oil (and a glass of dark beer). They basically put dried Piri-Piri chilli (very spicy, even for a Thai) into olive oil, that’s it. But the taste… GORGEOUS! I literally didn’t want the dish to end!



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