Hungry traveller : Sintra

On New year’s eve, we decided to have our day in Sintra, a small charming town full of spectacular places to visit. The main reason of going there was to see the famous Castelo dos Mouros and Pena Palace. And it was so worth it, both were breathtakingly impressive.


After walking up to see a jaw-dropping view over Sintra town itself to the pacific ocean in the background, and down the Moorish castle, burned maybe 400 kcal (I make it up haha), we got very hungry and ready to try some local dishes.

We went into a restaurant closer to Sintra town. They offered quite an amount of choices of dishes, and surely also local ones. As always, we started with bread and young cheese. I have to say the normal Portuguese bread is by far my number one favourite bread. Soft but crispy in the outside. Yum-yum!


I had been willing to try Portuguese fish rice for some days already. Luckily, the restaurant had it as dish of the day, plus shrimps! Yippeeeee! I came in a (not so small) pot, I was so surprised! haha.


I was actually told that it’s a creamy dish, so my expectation was something different. But of course, I prefer light the creamy food. Even happier! haha

It was so tasty! The rice itself was boiled in a soup fun of scents of coriander, bell pepper, onion, and tomato, until soft, but not mushy. The fish is very well cooked in the soup. But I give it 9 out of 19, as the shrimps were a bit small (for my stomach lol).


Almost forget to mentioned, before that, we had a snack (lol) close to Palace of Sintra. We had to wait for soooo long, but it was not a disappointment. This grilled octopus with spinach was so delicious! Best octopus I tried in Portugal!


Well, I think in the end. I had quite enough seafood (for a while) in Portugal. But I will surely go back there to eat more! hahaha



P.S. Check out more mouth-watering (sea)food in Lisbon and its food trilogy below. Thanks!




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