Hungry girl cooks : Salmon and sautéed beans in chilli ginger garlic soya sauce

Not only seafood that I love so much, but also fish! Fish dishes I like are so various, grilled, fried, steamed, sauce-y, spicy, etc. I love them all! But today, I’ll show you how I cook one of my most favourite dish, Pan fried fish in chilli ginger garlic soya sauce.

Originally, in Thailand, I used king mackerel. But here, salmon is much easier to find, and it’s also quite tasty. So, why not?

I have some green beans at home, so I decided to add the dish a bit of twist.

I washed and cut the ends of the beans, then just easily sautéed them with a very small amount of oil and a pinch of sea salt in a pan. Tossed them several times, until they are just a little softer.


For salmon, I got 2 fillets, dried quickly with kitchen papers first. Then, striped them a bit and put tapioca starch (just to make them a bit crispier when fried) on both sides of the fillets then rubbed evenly.


Heated up the pan on high heat, added oil. I let the fillet coloured on both side first, then adjusted the heat to medium to make sure they are well (but not over) cooked.


And now, the sauce. I put around a cup of water the in a pan (or pot), added soya sauce, sugar, sliced garlic, diced ginger, and sliced chilli. Let it cook for a moment before adding ground white pepper and few drops of sesame oil.



Serving – I heated up the serving pan a bit (to keep it hot for a little longer, while eating) Put fillets of salmon on top of the sautéed beans, then put the sauce all over, added cut spring onions, Thai celery, more sliced garlic with vertically sliced chilli.



Done! I served it with freshly cooked jasmine rice and of course, soft boiled eggs. Simply a great combination! Try it 😉



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