Hungry girl cooks : Thai omelet

One of our easiest and most common dishes is Kai Jiaw or Thai omelet. What’s the different with normal omelet? We use more oil, we season with either soya sauce or fish sauce, or sometimes, both. And we usually add minced meat, shrimps, crab meat, or vegetable like onion, tomato, etc.

The one I’m showing to you guys today is pretty much my mum’s kind of omelet, she call it Kai Jiaw Boran, which is literally ancient omelet lol. Thai styled omelet with shallot, spring onion, and chilli.


First, crack some eggs in to a bowl, season with several drops of soya sauce and fish sauce, beat well. Slice chilis, a bit of shallot, cut spring onion and add to the egg. Then just stir a bit.


Put a pan on high heat, add around 1-2 table spoon of oil. Wait until the oil is very hot (can try drop a bit of egg to see), then pour the egg into the pan.


When the egg hardens a bit, gently push the cooked part around so that the uncooked part touches the pan. I prefer my omelet not too cooked. If you’d like the have both side cooked. Just flip its once, wait for 30 seconds and serve in a plate.


Either you can pair it with Prik nam pla, fish sauce with sliced chilis, or Sriracha sauce. We usually have it with jasmine rice. But trust me, try it with sticky rice, soooo good!



13 thoughts on “Hungry girl cooks : Thai omelet”

  1. There are some street food vendors on Soi 16 near Robinsons who make and sell the most delicious Thai omelets! I make this all the time at home!


  2. I love Thai street food too! If you go to Sukhumvit, there these little Thai eateries which make the most amazing street food. What am I saying? All street food in Bangkok is awesome! Oh I miss Bangkok!


      1. I’m pretty sure they call streets Soi in Thailand which is why i said Soi 16. There are these fellows with their food carts selling the most awesome street food! Enjoy!


      2. Oh my bad! Your Thai?? And here I’m showing off my knowledge of Thailand!
        I used to visit Thailand frequently many years ago when I was in the jewelry business and fell in love with the people, the food and the country!


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