Hungry traveller : A day in Schwarzwald

As my parents was visiting me in Europe, we were taken on a trip to Munich, Füssen, Bodensee, then Freiburg. From Freiburg, we did a day trip around Schwarzwald or the famous Black forest, in which originated Black forest cake.

We started by visiting Triberg, where locates the highest waterfall in Germany, Triberg waterfall. The town itself was very cute, with many Kuckucksuhr shops. Anyway, here we had our lunch in a cozy restaurant.


I ordered Forelle Müllerin Art, it was a pan fried trout with lemon butter and parsley. But what was even better is that, they topped it with chopped mushroom! Ooooh.


Usually, the dish is served with boiled potatoes. But I ordered with boil vegetable instead (just trying to be a little healthy haha). The fish, oh soooo juicy, like really literally juicy. I name it the best trout I have had in Germany. It was so well seasoned, a bit salty, with parsley and pepper scent, and a hint of lemon. Perfect! Still dreaming about this fish today lol.


After our lunch, we went up to Feldberg to see the view of the Schwarzwald itself and also mountains for the Alps. Breathtakingly beautiful.


Coming down from the mountain, visiting the famous Titisee. A lake with beautiful sunset in the Black forest. There we had our afternoon tea with Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte or Black forest cake. Which is cocoa cake with cream and cherry. The good thing is, it’s not too sweet. Very very nice.


Another choice of dessert was Apfelstrudel or apple strudel in English. I ordered it with vanilla ice cream. OMG! The portion was big for dessert. But it was so yummy, great to have it with a cup of hot my favourite peppermint tea.





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