Hungry girl cooks : Tagliatelle with bell pepper sauce

I have never been a big fan of creamy food. But on our wedding day in Germany, they served Linguine with bell pepper cream sauce and I just LOVE it! Like soooo much!

I have been wondering how they cook it so yummy. So my man asked them and tried to duplicate it for me (How lovely!) But as we have Tagliatelle at home, why not 😀 Here’s what he did to serve 2 portions.


Cut 1 whole yellow bell pepper in big pieces, then cook it together in a pot with herbs – rosemary, parsley, and spring onions.


When all is cooked, add around 1 and a half cups of cooking cream, and a bit of salt. Then blend everything together with a hand blender until smooth. In the meantime, cook tagliatelle in salted cooking water until just al dente.


Heat up a pan with a bit of oil, fried some shrimps with a pinch of salt until cooked, then put them aside (to avoid them being over cooked) Put the blended bell pepper sauce in the same pan as used to cook shrimp.


Let the sauce cook for half a minute then add the pasta, sauté a bit, and put ground black pepper. And now it’s ready to be served! Tagliatelle with shrimp bell pepper cream sauce.


It was not exactly like what I had on the wedding night. But was soooooo good! Couldn’t really feel the cream that much, full of bell pepper taste and scent of herbs. And of course, al dente pasta and juicy shrimp. I have to say, I was so impressed 😀



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