Hungry girl cooks : Pad Graprao Kai Dao

Pad Grapao Kai Dao translated to rice topped with stir fried spicy holy basil sauce and sunny side up. Which is one of the most common dishes for Thais to order as an individual dish. When we can’t think of something to eat, we just easily order this lol.

Considering my homesick, it was great to make myself a Pad Grapao Kai Dao. And my favourite, is with squid! See How I cooked it.


First, pound (a lot of) chillis and garlic in a mortar. They shouldn’t be too mashed. You can also add some more chilis and pound just a few time. I love it when I can have some whole chillis while eating hehe.


Put a pan on high heat, add just a bit of oil. Wait until it’s very hot then add the pounded chilis and garlic. ***I suggest you to open windows at home to avoid having burning eyes or nose, when it comes to this process haha.

Then add cut squid, season with a little bit of oyster sauce, a pinch of sugar just to balance the taste, fish sauce, and dark soya sauce for the colour.


After the squid is cooked, add holy basil and switch off the stove immediately. Put it on top of well cooked jasmine rice, and top it with a sunny side up. More than Perfect!


Very easy and yummy dish. It wouldn’t take you more than 10 minutes (don’t consider the rice cooking time please) Try it guys!




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