Hungry traveller : Lunch on Neusiedler See

Vienna is a great city, beautiful buildings and interesting museums standing all around, but going away from here for a Saturday is also not a bad idea. Three weeks ago (when it was still freezing cold), we heard about this enormous lake with a frozen surface where people can go ice skating. Of course, I said “Yesssss! Let’s go!”

We drove around 1 hour from home to the lake. Oh yes, it was super very huge! If you are good enough, you can skate from Austria to Hungary, how amazing is that! But of course, I didn’t and couldn’t lol.


As we have a saying in Thai “Army moves with tummy” which means Nothing works without a tummy full of food lol (now you know why I’m always hungry). So, we went into the restaurant on the lake before staring our ice adventure.

We ordered a daily soup which was  Paprika Suppe, for me it tasted a bit like red curry with some butter. But yes, it was good! And suited the cold day the best 😉 (Not counting my Rolled cabbage soup haha)


Now, main course, we ordered 3 different dishes to share a bit. So, first one was mine, Grilled pork neck with spicy beans and chips. When I order I thought “What’s spicy beans.” It was a spicy beans kind of sauce, which was soooooo yummy! The pork was a bit overcooked for me though.


This is my man’s dish, Spaghetti with grilled salmon. Oooooh! It was so good, the noodles were just well cooked, with a bit of buttery sauce and perfectly grilled salmon, and the rocket leaves! LOVE LOVE LOVE! I wanted to steal all his food then lol.


Last one, was our friend’s dish, Fleischpfanne which in English would be Meat pan.  Grilled mix meat, pork and beaf, and fillet of turkey served in a pan, baked potatoes on the side. I didn’t try though, but guess it was very yummy. As he finished it all lol.


Apart from the nice food we had 2 nice beers each and yes, with our full stomachs and tipsiness, we went ice skating!!! It was so much fun hihi.








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