Hungry girl cooks : Spring rolls

Have been away from my blog for quite  long time. I’m back! With how I cook my spring rolls!

I don’t think anyone don’t know Spring rolls. Rolls with crispy wrap and juicy stuffing, yum! There are many different type of stuffing for spring rolls, but the most well known one should be vegetarian stuffing. Agree?

Today, I’ll show you how I make my spring rolls! Anyway, I don’t make the sheets by myself, not yet haha. Let’s get started 🙂

First defrost the sheets in wither room temperature or leave in the fridge for some hours. Moving to the stuffing. My recipe. I put well pound coriander roots, garlic cloves, and white paper. Without these three, it wouldn’t taste as good. Trust me!


Prepare vegetable – I use Chinese cabbage, carrot, black mushroom, Chinese shiitake, and also a bit of glass noodles. Actually, you can use most of soft vegetable – iceberg lettuce, sprouts (so good! But I didn’t have it at home), cabbage, mushroom, onion, etc.  Just cut them in quite small pieces or stripes.

Heat up a pan with a little bit of oil, add the pound 3 things, sauté a bit then add all the veggies (don’t add glass noodles yet).


Add a bit of water to let the veggies soften, season with soya sauce, a bit of sugar, black soya sauce, and a few drops of sesame oil. Now add glass noodles, be careful not to add too much, it should be just 1/5 of the whole thing. Let everything cooked and switch of the stove, and add some spring onions


You can leave it to cool down a bit on the pan or move it in to a box or a plate, so it cools down a little faster (I just couldn’t wait! So hungry! lol)


Now, take out the sheets and roll! The stuffing in the middle lower part (don’t put too much, the rolls won’t be crispy when you fry)


Slowly roll from the bottom, then fold the 2 sides, and roll till the top. I use starch mixed with water to glue.


When all is rolled, then it’s time to fry them! Pour vegetable oil in to a pot or a deeper pan, use medium-high heat to ensure that the rolls won’t be too oily.


I usually serve spring rolls with sweet child sauce, mixed with Sriracha and topped with chopped coriander to enhance the taste.


Hope you guys find it easy to make spring rolls! Happy Spring! x



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