Hungry girl cooks : Spicy Thai style linguine

Even though I just came back from Thailand, I really miss Thai food! Some days ago I thought, ok let’s do some Thai fusion, as we bought a new pack of Linguine.

Spiciness is something I really can’t live without lol. So, I made this Spicy Thai style linguine. 

I use both dried and fresh chilli, I love to combine them, the taste they together give the food is always amazing


After dealing with shrimps and fish. Cut bell pepper in to small pieces, slice the mushroom and fresh chilli. Chop garlic, and also pound dried chilis (5-6 pieces) a bit. Then boil the pasta in a salted cooking water. I boiled it for 7 minutes, stirred from time to time.


Heat up a pan, add oil, I chose rocket oil to give it a little special scent. When it’s heated up, add chopped garlic and pounded dried chilli, stir a bit and add cod, then shrimps. *I took the shrimps out before adding further ingredients, to prevent them from being overcooked.


Add mushroom and bell pepper to the pan, add a small amount of water, then season with oyster sauce, a bit of sugar, and fish sauce. Add the shrimps back, add sliced chilli, and move the pasta from the pot to the pan.


Let it cook for 1 minute, stir in the mean time. The sauce will thicken and stick on the pasta. Put some sweet basil and serve directly.


The taste was amazing! So in love with the dish. Try make yours 😉 Cheers!



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