Hungry girl at home : Seafood buffet in Bangkok

Went back home to Bangkok last month and just came back to Europe. I have many amazing food experiences to share to you guys 🙂

Let’s start with something I had been craving for, Seafood ❤ I went to have seafood buffet in one of the best seafood buffet restaurants in Bangkok, Laemgate. Situated not so far from a sky train station, Mor Chit, where those of you who have been to Bangkok should know very well, as there stands Chatuchak weekend market.

It was a buffet where you order and they serve. What could be better? Highlight of this buffet was Thai oyster! That was actually why my friend and I chose to go there lol.

First, we ordered oysters as starter (but surely we did order them again and again lol) They were not big, but so super fresh, juicy, and creamy (FYI, Thai oyster are creamy). Loved them! We had them with some spicy seafood sauce, fried shallot, and sweet acacia.


The choices of food there were not really various, but enough. We ordered a lot of things but the things I liked the most were Fried seabass in sweet fish sauce and sour mango salad, Baked shrimps with salt, and Stir fried squid in salted egg yolks, and of course the oysters. Oh! Their seafood sauce were also super good! ❤


Other dishes we ordered were spicy seafood salad, stir fried crab in yellow egg curry (aka curry crab), fried rice with crab meat, boiled seafood, etc.

All in all, this was a very good dining experience! I would recommend this to those of you who love seafood ❤ Two things I was really missing in this meal were grilled squid and grilled (medium-rare) cockles. If there were those two too, it would have been such a perfect meal.




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