Hungry traveller : A day in Schwarzwald

As my parents was visiting me in Europe, we were taken on a trip to Munich, Füssen, Bodensee, then Freiburg. From Freiburg, we did a day trip around Schwarzwald or the famous Black forest, in which originated Black forest cake. We started by visiting Triberg, where locates the highest waterfall in Germany, Triberg waterfall. The town itself… Continue reading Hungry traveller : A day in Schwarzwald


Hungry traveller : Lisbon and its food #2

After being in Lisbon for a few days, we noticed that there are bakeries in every corner of the city. They provide a huge variation of stuff, from sweetened chick pea pie to cod fish cake (soooo yummy). One of the best things, for those who loves cheese (which is not me), to have in those… Continue reading Hungry traveller : Lisbon and its food #2