Hungry traveller : Lunch on Neusiedler See

Vienna is a great city, beautiful buildings and interesting museums standing all around, but going away from here for a Saturday is also not a bad idea. Three weeks ago (when it was still freezing cold), we heard about this enormous lake with a frozen surface where people can go ice skating. Of course, I said… Continue reading Hungry traveller : Lunch on Neusiedler See


Hungry girl cooks : Tagliatelle with bell pepper sauce

I have never been a big fan of creamy food. But on our wedding day in Germany, they served Linguine with bell pepper cream sauce and I just LOVE it! Like soooo much! I have been wondering how they cook it so yummy. So my man asked them and tried to duplicate it for me… Continue reading Hungry girl cooks : Tagliatelle with bell pepper sauce

Hungry traveller : A day in Schwarzwald

As my parents was visiting me in Europe, we were taken on a trip to Munich, Füssen, Bodensee, then Freiburg. From Freiburg, we did a day trip around Schwarzwald or the famous Black forest, in which originated Black forest cake. We started by visiting Triberg, where locates the highest waterfall in Germany, Triberg waterfall. The town itself… Continue reading Hungry traveller : A day in Schwarzwald

Hungry girl cooks : Salmon and sautéed beans in chilli ginger garlic soya sauce

Not only seafood that I love so much, but also fish! Fish dishes I like are so various, grilled, fried, steamed, sauce-y, spicy, etc. I love them all! But today, I'll show you how I cook one of my most favourite dish, Pan fried fish in chilli ginger garlic soya sauce. Originally, in Thailand, I… Continue reading Hungry girl cooks : Salmon and sautéed beans in chilli ginger garlic soya sauce

Hungry traveller : Sintra

On New year's eve, we decided to have our day in Sintra, a small charming town full of spectacular places to visit. The main reason of going there was to see the famous Castelo dos Mouros and Pena Palace. And it was so worth it, both were breathtakingly impressive. After walking up to see a jaw-dropping view over Sintra town… Continue reading Hungry traveller : Sintra