Hungry girl cooks : Tagliatelle with bell pepper sauce

I have never been a big fan of creamy food. But on our wedding day in Germany, they served Linguine with bell pepper cream sauce and I just LOVE it! Like soooo much! I have been wondering how they cook it so yummy. So my man asked them and tried to duplicate it for me… Continue reading Hungry girl cooks : Tagliatelle with bell pepper sauce


Hungry traveller : Sintra

On New year's eve, we decided to have our day in Sintra, a small charming town full of spectacular places to visit. The main reason of going there was to see the famous Castelo dos Mouros and Pena Palace. And it was so worth it, both were breathtakingly impressive. After walking up to see a jaw-dropping view over Sintra town… Continue reading Hungry traveller : Sintra

Hungry girl cooks : Shrimp in egg curry

Last week I posted a short video cooking my easy lunch, brown rice with stir-fried shrimp in egg curry on Instagram @story_of_a_hungry_girl. (Please go follow. Thanks! hihi) Originally the dish is with Crab, called Poo Pud Pong Garee, which is a very famous and delicious Chinese influenced dish in Thailand. Here's the how-to of my shrimp version.… Continue reading Hungry girl cooks : Shrimp in egg curry

Hungry girl cooks : Tom yum

My second cooking post, is still a bowl of soup. But a spicy one. Tom yum Goong, hot and spicy herbal soup with shrimps, is one of the most well known Thai dish. A dish full of flavour - spicy, sour, salty, and only a bit sweet,. This is one of the dishes I make often… Continue reading Hungry girl cooks : Tom yum

Hungry traveller : Cascais

After seeing beautiful sunset at the westernmost point of Europe, Cabo da Roca or Cape Roca, we went to Cascais to have dinner. Cascais is a small coastal town, 30 minutes away form Lisbon. As it's a touristic town, there were an enormous choices of restaurants. But we again, went in to a smaller restaurant which looked… Continue reading Hungry traveller : Cascais